Steam Punk Chess Robot viewport grab…

Whilst waiting for the full version of this to render… [DOF always slows things down] here is a quick view port grab of that is a bit like what it it will look like…


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9 Responses to Steam Punk Chess Robot viewport grab…

  1. dpmpls says:

    Very unique idea. Love the steampunk theme! I really like the character’s movement and the motions/gestures of the hand.

    • Thanks for the kind comment, check out the full rendered version in the post:
      I hope you like the full version…

      • dpmpls says:

        Yeah, I liked the full version.
        I think that was an original idea for a character; his snicker after moving one of the chess pieces, and then his stumped look at the end were good touches.
        I saw some of your other vids. You seem to really like that dark steampunk feeling. What draws you to it?
        What software were you using again?

      • The animation is just a demonstration piece for a project I have set my students and I like to lead by example… The dark steam punk feeling is a really clearly definable visual style that is easily articulated and current I like the way it allows you to control mood with lighting and stick in the steam particle effects… This project is set in 3ds Max But I work in Maya as well… and a little Silo and Mudbox… and again thanks for commenting I really appreciate your feedback.

      • dpmpls says:

        Cool. That would be a fun school project. I look forward to more.
        What is the class, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • The project is a 3d animation project within a BA Multimedia programme, the aims to encompass elements of animation, visualization and post production, it lasts about 6 weeks and the students get around 8 hours of tutor instruction a week… At one week in the response seems pretty positive.

  2. dpmpls says:

    That would definitely be a fun class. I’m basically a self taught hobbyist. If time and money allowed, it would be fun to just study 3D. There are a ton of great learning resources out there to the point where you can really teach yourself. But there’s nothing like hands on expert instruction. Someone to watch you do things and correct mistakes. I’ve done some training with different artists over Skype for Max and Maya and Houdini. It at least gives me the chance to get immediate feedback on questions.
    Do you do private lessons?

    • I must admit I have not been asked about private lessons before so the answer is, “not as of yet”… However I am posting all the tutorials associated with this project, if you want to give it a try and post your results as you go I would be more than happy to give you feedback.

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