Recursiveworlds is an animation journal.

In the context of this journal recursiveworlds means animated worlds that are complete, recursive and cyclic . It is my intention that the story worlds that I create should be stylistically and aesthetically singular, self sustaining and internally logical. Beyond that, as in the real world, if you exit stage left sooner or later if you keep on walking you will enter stage right, just in these worlds you would probably arrive back on stage somewhat sooner. It is also my aim that the narratives also cycle, tail end of story consequences feeding story opening situations…

My major influences are Edward Gorey, Tove Jansonn, Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss and Doug TenNapel… and The Brothers Quay…

I’m interested in the drawn mark in 3D animation.

Before animation my background is in sculpture, and digital installation art.

I currently teach 3D animation at an UK University.


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  1. Bi Rongrong says:

    Hi, Andy, I love the characters you drew SO SO MUCH!!! The fishing one and the curator with tea pot are so inteseting, so funny!!!

    I will visit your blog more often, looking forward to seeing more of your drawings!

    Rongrong from SH.

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