A little Arnold

A mushroom made in Maya rendered in Arnold, The shader is Ai Facing ratio placing a 2Dramp in the Emission channel, the emission’s value is driven by an animated noise map and the whole thing is about 50% translucent. There are no lights in the scene which gives you a mtoa warning which I ignored… and the self illuminating surface bounces light from adjacent surfaces despite it not really having the power to illuminate.

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Random “Planet” Parenting Exercise in Maya…

You do end up making some random stuff when designing teaching materials, here is one such random effort.

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Land Boat Project…

Been working on this since the summer, most initial work has shown up on my Instagram account first, but I will try to update here too.

Land Boat first animated image…

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Part way .gif

just another test, they all seem to be tests at the moment.
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First project for the new years first years…

Its some chairs…

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Ninja Revisited…

Just playing, re-rigged this guy with Anzovin’s Set Up Machine 3, still my favourite auto rigger…NinjaRevisited

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That Dino Thing Animated…

This is from one of the animation workshops we do…Dino

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Pick up put down tutorial (for work) in Maya


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Ball bounce Maya…

Just testing a new Maya ball bounce rig (very very very simple rig).


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Finished the rig…

As above finished ready for next term…Boo Tail 2

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