Ed Hooks at Animex…

Wow!.. had an amazing day at Ed Hooks “Acting for Animators” Masterclass At the Animex animation festival at Teesside University. The  Animex talks were really interesting, informative and engaging too, David Au Storyboard Artist/Assistant Director Rough Draft Studios, Murray Barber VFX Supervisor, The Mill and Rob Dressel Layout Supervisor, Walt Disney Animation Studios were all great speakers that made me feel great about loving animation both as an art form and as a creative pursuit.

For those who might be interested here are the notes I took in Ed Hooks Class [please ignore spelling mistakes missing words and random scribbles]

Ed Hooks Page 1

Ed Hooks page 2Ed Hooks page 3Ed Hooks page 4Ed Hooks page 5


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2 Responses to Ed Hooks at Animex…

  1. dpmpls says:

    This is awesome. Thanks for posting your notes! I bet that was a very rich and rewarding conference. To get tips and advice from people like that is priceless.

    • Thanks for your comments, If you ever get the chance see Ed Hooks Live, the man is an amazing speaker full of enthusiasm and insight and although his book Acting for Animators is essential reading, a workshop with him seems to set out some really easy to apply protocols that allow you to unpick just about any scene you are trying to animate, absolutely invaluable and fun too.

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