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Just anther mythical jelly ident

Sound improves animation so much even when its just a few found samples.  

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Work in progress

Here is the first look at the Steam Punk Diver Model, based on my original concept drawings. Modelling by the exceptional Bariş Isikguner.

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Banana Peel Gag

An attempt to prove Charlie Chaplin’s statement about the funnier way to film a banana peel gag… “The second, funnier way to film that same sequence is as follows: Cut to the guy, walking. Cut to the banana peel, lying … Continue reading

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The father of all dogs and the father of all cats…

Also known as the Dog Father and the Cat Father, this project has been rumbling along for about a year now, there are lots of drawings lots of test renders, models, props and sets but no actual animation… Yet…

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Initial drawings

I find meetings tend to generate drawings. After one particular meeting I left one of the drawings of a steam punkish diver on my desk where my colleague discovered it, he decided that it was an ideal initial sketch for … Continue reading

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