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Hare number 2

More ears, smokin a carrot, enhanced whiskers altogether a more slouchy fieldwise Hare…

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Hare Character design or is it just a rabbit

The eternal question, I think hares are bigger and tend to boxing in spring, I wonder if they like carrots too?

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Cat character design

Big hind paws and a cat nip tee shirt.

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Setting up the 12 camera motion capure rig.

Those are 12 Optitrack FLEX:V100R2 Cameras and it took about 30 minutes to mount and cable all twelve of them, after this the lights go out so we can align and calibrate them. This was the second time we had … Continue reading

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The Father of All Cats gets spots

The Cat Father has been re-textured to help him stand out a little, the problem with stripy characters on stripy back grounds is that they are very well camouflaged.  

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Jelly walking

Well more sort of perambulating, I was seeing if I could make a character walk using just morph targets [blend shapes] I’m OK with this as a first attempt but I’m sure I can do way better.

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Just anther mythical jelly ident

Sound improves animation so much even when its just a few found samples.  

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